The term “Supermirror” refers to a type of surface finish in which a sheet is polished by means of discs or pads obtaining a result with a level of reflectance very similar to that of a glass mirror, hence its name in English “Super Mirror ”.

Unlike polishing processes Nº7 (mechanical polishing) or nautical polishes, the “Supermirror” finish is a non-directional finish, which in addition to a higher gloss and reflectance, gives it a much lower roughness. This finish is possible thanks to the fact that the heads in which the pads are located combine oscillation and rotation movements, gently polishing the surface of the material.

Additionaly Nº8 or supermirror, is a responsible finish with the environment, since, unlike mechanical polishing nº 7, it does not use any type of acid or synthetic or animal fat, so once it is finished you only need be rinsed with water and dried.
The importance of the quality and continuity of the lamination finish of the stainless steel sheets should be highlighted, since depending on the pickling process, one level of gloss or another is used. Likewise, it is very difficult to guarantee a result with identical parameters that comes from different casts, so it is advisable to always start from the same cast and from a trusted manufacturer.
The greatest asset of the surfaces with this finish are their delicacy and elegance given by their similarity to mirrors. This fact makes that once stainless steel goes through this process, it is ideal for use in interior and exterior architecture, electrical appliances, the automotive sector and all those very crowded places where you want to place a common mirror, but there is a risk of that is damaged.

GoodPolish, company of Grupo Lapuente, and a specialist in stainless steel surface finishes through satin and grind lines on both sheet metal and coil up to two meters wide, has recently acquired a No. 8 polishing machine (Supermirror), expanding the offer of surface finishes to their clients.