Stainless steel in cutlery

Stainless steel is undoubtedly the great ally of both professional and domestic kitchens and dining rooms, since it replaced materials such as silver in the 20th century, which required great effort to keep it clean and shiny.

Currently, in terms of types of alloys in cutlery, we can observe different classifications. Many times we observe the 18/10 nomenclature on the back of the cutlery, this numerology refers to the percentage of two of its elements, chromium and nickel respectively (typical of AISI 304 / 304L). These characteristics are resistance to corrosion, good malleability and great durability. The 18/10 are used mainly in forks, spoons and non-cutting elements.

Referring to cutting elements, such as knives, it is customary to use martensitic alloys (e.g. AISI 420), characterized by greater hardness which allows knives to be sharpened without breaking.

In relation to material trends, in order to offer cheaper alternatives in the market, we can observe how certain companies propose cutlery with AISI 430 and 200 series alloys that, despite not having the same properties, also offer good results.

With regard to trends in the sector, more and more companies are committed to innovation in terms of design, such as Comas and Partners who, through their brand Culter, offer cutlery with a unique personality and with the best benefits. And these days, more than ever, that we are more aware of the need to dedicate time to important things, meals have become a small ritual, where everything counts, from what we eat to how we do it, and here, cutlery and companies like Comas and Partners have a lot to say.