Pressfitting in solar and compressed air installations

Stainless steel pipes can be connected using the pressing system known internationally as Pressfitting.

This system avoids traditional welding, making it more agile and economical (faster installations and without the need for welding training). In addition, it is a very safe option since there is no flame or spark, it is ideal for all types of work environments, even those with the presence of flammable materials.

Solar installations:

One of the applications where pressfitting is an ideal option is solar energy installations.

For solar fluid installations (mixture of steam and antifreeze) it is recommended to use the FKM O-rings in the primary circuits, that is, from the plates to the accumulator, since this is where higher temperatures are tolerated. The antifreezes used are chemical glycol preparations that lower the freezing temperature, and usually contain other additives, so it is recommended to ask the manufacturer when they are going to be used.

The stainless steel pressfitting system ensures low maintenance, higher performance and reduced labor in solar installations. The material to be used may be AISI 304, but it must be taken into account that, if the installations are outdoors in locations near the coast, 316 / L steel is advisable. Installation isolation is recommended.

Compressed air installations:

Compressed air is used in a wide variety of applications. Frequently it works at a maximum pressure of 6 bars and sometimes even 10 bars are reached, pressures that are more than covered by the maximum guaranteed pressure of the system, which is 16 bars. Due to the traces of oil that can circulate in this type of installation, it is recommended to use green O-rings (although if the amount of oil is less than 1 mg / m3, the EPDM standard can be used). In this type of installation, as in the case of solar energy or fire protection, the most used material is AISI 304, despite this, in the case of outdoor installations or in aggressive environments, the use of 316L is recommended.