Partners that excel: Transparent Laser Films

Working with a material such as stainless steel implies absolute care of its surface at all stages of production to guarantee its perfect condition when delivered. That is why working with a partner like Novacel, supplier of adhesive protective films, gives us the guarantee of being able to provide our products with the quality and perfection that defines us.

However, one of the most significant problems regarding protective films is the fact that, being opaque, they do not allow visualizing the state of the material, the direction of lamination or the direction of the surface finish, until the film is removed. On the other hand, another problem is that the opaque film adheres to the stainless steel through the rubber rubber and when the material is cut, the rubber stains the stainless steel surface, and must be washed to be delivered in the best conditions .

Thanks to its technological advances, Novacel has developed a range of transparent films that accept laser cutting and that provide solutions to these problems. In this way, the customer can see at all times the status of the material and the directions of finishing and lamination. At the same time, the rubber with which it is glued to stainless steel does not generate any residue when cut, thus speeding up the production process. It is a pride and pleasure to be able to work hand in hand with companies that continually invest effort in the development of products that provide solutions in the market.