Grupo Lapuente automates the manufacturing of Pressfitting

Isotubi, member of Grupo Lapuente, has carried out a new project to automate the manufacturing process with the help of Mitec engineering and the collaboration of the companies BCN Vision and Staübli.

In its factory in Barcelona, ​​where Isotubi has been manufacturing stainless steel press fittings with an M profile for more than 20 years, an important part of the manufacturing has been automated: The production of 45 and 90º M profile pressfitting elbows.

The new production system

Two Staübli brand robots, with the help of a Photoneo 3D scanner and a camera, are in charge of collecting the elbows without drawing from a container and passing through a repositioning station, taking them to the drawing dies, to a station of dimensional control and finally to another container, already finished.

The system has an HMI screen from which you can control all the elements, select the part model, and access all the necessary parameters.